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We here at K-9 Services Unlimited / Piazza's Professional Dog Training School hope you have enjoyed our web page. We strive to be the best in the business so we can offer more than any other dog training facility in the entire Northeast. Our clients are very important to us. We do whatever it takes to have satisfied customers.

No matter what your needs are, we can say with confidence you will find no better training anywhere.

Remember, our business was built on honesty and integrity. If you want the best, then come to  K-9 Services Unlimited / Piazza's Professional Dog Training School.

See for yourself why we are considered the " DOG TRAINING SPECIALISTS". Contact - (315) 794-7830


Remember folks, there is an "Alpha Dog" in your family and that is you. Please don't listen to these Mary Poppins Dog Trainers who say there is no such thing as a human leader or pack leader. There is a Pack structure and you must always be the Alpha Dog. Also, "NEVER" train with any person that starts the Pup or Dog in a class situation. To do this is crazy.  Investigate before hiring a trainer. There are people out there that brag about being a certified dog trainer. That is a misleading statement. Even if they are a member of a club or have received a certificate from an organization, it does not mean they are certified. It only means they have paid a fee and are part of a club. This does not make you a so called certified trainer. No such thing exists in NYS.   Then we have the trainers who are 25-26 years of age stating they have trained for 20 years. Do the math people. Just remember, do your homework. Don't fall for these scams. 


                                                                           "We are the Dog Training Specialists"


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