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In over 37 years of instructing, training, and working dogs and handlers, I have come to realize one thing. There is no shortcut when it comes to the art of dog training. I have had many clients who have enrolled in other schools only to find that all they were interested in was the almighty dollar. These schools brag about how nice their recreation room is or how much money the student can make. They forget that the most important part of the student's class is learning techniques that will insure that no matter what breed of dog they are training, no matter what temperament they are dealing with, they will be successful.

At K-9 Services Unlimited / Piazza's Professional Dog Training School, I will personally see to it that every student who enrolls in my Instructors course will have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional dog trainer. 


ATTENTION: Please do your homework before hiring a Dog Trainer. Don't be fooled by misleading people. Ask for proof of what they say is true. You can't be 24 years of age and say you have been training 20 years. Also, if someone states they have trained Police Dogs and uses that as proof of their expertise, ask for the departments name and names of Police Officers they have worked and trained. There are many dishonest people out there. Beware.

Obedience Instructor

At my school, you can be assured you are getting the best instruction anywhere in the entire Northeast. I have many years of experience. My course includes how to temperament test puppies and dogs. Using proper voice inflection, how to read a dogs body language, training the dogs through drives and instincts. When and how to correct a dog for bad behavior. How to properly use training tools ie. Choke chains, pinch collars, electronic collars, haltie's, etc... You will learn what I call REAL World Dog Training. In other words, we do not use gimmicks or tricks to teach our clients. The knowledge we have obtained over 35 years of training dogs is passed on to our students. We make sure you are ready to train all breeds and temperaments of dogs. Most of all we teach you to treat clients with dignity and respect. Remember, this is a course for people wanting to learn the art of dog training. 16 week program. We can work with whatever work schedule you have. $6,250


Instructor Courses

Learn to Track

Tracking in the real world means finding the person or persons as fast as possible. Unlike Schutzhund, tracking to find a missing person or for Police work is much different. In Schutzhund, the dog is taught a foot step to foot step track. The dog must keep his nose to the ground and stay exactly on all turns to earn a high score. This slows the dog dramatically. This is where I believe that a dog who must find a person in a quick manner should be taught Tracking in the REAL WORLD! In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to start and finish a dog to find a person or persons by not only using ground disturbance but also contact scent, airborne scent, and more. This course will bring you through the very beginnings of tracking dogs to the end. Remember, finding a missing person is not a game. Learn to track in the real world, not just for points. 3 hours per training session 10 week program $5,150

Personal Protection Dog Instructor

This course is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to train dogs for personal protection. From day one, you will be working hands on decoying learning how to read K-9 Behavior. You will work with several different dogs in this course. Subjects will include. K-9 behavior, imprinting, obedience, bite work, Article 35 NYS Penal Law and more. It will also include home & vehicle protection. 5 weeks 4 days a week 3 hours per day. Anyone with a criminal background will never be allowed to enroll in this course. $6,450

Police Service Dog Instructor

If you are looking into learning how to train Police dogs, look no further. My Course includes obedience training, evidence search, building search, agility, area search, tracking, handler protection, criminal apprehension, class room material, narcotic training, how to choose the right dog for Police work. Sport dogs vs Police dogs etc. This course includes all the other courses combined into one. We can accommodate anyone's schedule. In other words, we can break up this 16 week course into a few weeks at a time. $8,875

Come see why we are considered
"The Dog Training Specialists." 

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Alexis Streeter

Jean & Bill Kosina

James Richardson & Maximus

Frank DeSimone student Obedience instructor back in 2011

Katelyn Roberts another Obedience student instructor

Rodney Neel from St. Louis graduated our Police Instructors course

Collete Wood, Bobby Fernandez, Maria Talerico Graduates of our Instructor Program