Canine Courses
We do not only train the dog, but educate the owners, what happens home influences the behavior of the pup or dog.
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Centrally located in Frankfort, NY for your convenience near Utica NY, New Hartford, Rome, Oneida, Cooperstown, Herkimer.


For over 38 years, master trainer Salvatore Piazza of  K-9 Services Unlimited/Piazza's Professional Dog Training School, has dedicated himself to the dog training profession. With more experience than any other trainer in Central NY State and the Mohawk Valley, Salvatore Piazza of  K-9 Services Unlimited has been setting dog training standards, changing the way trainers and people think about dog behavior. First in the Mohawk Valley to offer “One on One” training programs,  K-9 Services Unlimited understands that every dog is unique, that every dog has it’s own personality and temperament. When it comes to animal behavior, you simply can’t find a trainer with more knowledge or a company more dedicated to your dog’s success than  K-9 services unlimited.




We here at Piazza's K-9 Services Unlimited feel that laws must be passed to protect people, children, and other animals from the Pit Bull Terrier. Although Pit Bull lovers have attacked our business by leaving negative reviews because we want strong laws passed for people wanting to own a Pit Bull Terrier, we will stand firm in our decision not to train these dogs. There have been way to many attacks, injuries and deaths by this breed and we have had enough.  Yes, all dogs can bite, however, it is the frequency of these attacks that must be addressed. Please understand we do not hate any breed of dog, we just have to take a stand and make sure the right people own these dogs. Humane Societies  and Shelters MUST do a better job in evaluating Pit Bull's as well as other dogs before adopting them out. We must stop backyard breeders. We must stop Puppy mills. We must stop any convicted felon from training these dogs in protection. All pet owners have to take a stand before another Pit Bull Terrier attack happens. PETA also has agreed to stronger laws regarding the Pit Bull Terrier and a few others. Again, we are looking to protect everyone, even the Pit Bull Terrier. 

Lakewood gets support from PETA for city's pit bull regulations

The animal rights group says they support "pit bull-specific laws and regulations" in order to protect pit bulls, other companion animals and the community at large.